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Crescent City Ayurveda

Optimizing the health of New Orleanians

Original Spice Blends

Original Spice Blends

Ayurvedic Creole "Love" Seasoning


Love seasoning is a healthy and delicious lower-sodium alternative to conventional brands of Creole seasoning. Made from organic ingredients, this delectable mélange of paprika, black pepper, cayenne, fleur de sel, Italian seasonings, and granulated garlic and onion pairs great with any dish in any genre, but especially Creole classics like jambalaya, gumbo, and étouffée. 

We created this enticing blend and call it "love seasoning" because the merging of Ayurvedic principles with authentic Creole flavor was born from our desire to marry the tastes of New Orleans with the goal of promoting wellness. Enjoy our handmade spice blend on all the foods you love!

This flavorul and moderately spicy blend is excellent for supporting healthy digestion and for balancing vata and kapha. 

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